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Final YACS Bracket

Updated: 3/17 FINAL
Columbia, SC (Fri & Sun) San Jose, CA (Fri & Sun) Hartford, CT (Thurs & Sat) Columbia, SC (Fri & Sun)
1 Duke 1 Gonzaga 1 Virginia 1 North Carolina
16 Prairie View A&M/NCCU 16 North Dakota St 16 F.Dickinson/Iona 16 Bradley
8 Oklahoma 8 Washington 8 Seton Hall 8 Iowa
9 Minnesota 9 Louisville 9 Ole Miss 9 Utah St
San Jose, CA (Fri & Sun) Salt Lake City, UT (Thurs & Sat) Salt Lake City, UT (Thurs & Sat) Des Moines, IA (Thurs & Sat)
5 Villanova 5 Marquette 5 Kansas St 5 Virginia Tech
12 Liberty 12 Oregon 12 New Mexico St 12 Murray St
4 Auburn 4 Florida St 4 Wisconsin 4 Kansas
13 UC Irvine 13 Vermont 13 Northeastern 13 Yale
Tulsa, OK (Fri & Sun) Hartford, CT (Thurs & Sat) Tulsa, OK (Fri & Sun) Jacksonville, FL (Thurs & Sat)
6 Mississippi St 6 Cincinnati 6 Buffalo 6 Iowa St
11 Temple/NC State 11 St. Johns/Ohio State 11 TCU 11 St. Marys
3 Texas Tech 3 Purdue 3 Houston 3 LSU
14 St. Louis 14 Old Dominion 14 Georgia St 14 Northern Kentucky
Des Moines, IA (Thurs & Sat) Jacksonville, FL (Thurs & Sat) Columbus, OH (Fri & Sun) Columbus, OH (Fri & Sun)
7 Nevada 7 Maryland 7 Wofford 7 UCF
10 Florida 10 Baylor 10 Syracuse 10 VCU
2 Michigan 2 Tennessee 2 Kentucky 2 Michigan St
15 Montana 15 Abilene Christian 15 Colgate 15 Gardner Webb
Breakdown by Conference
ACC: 8 B10: 8
AAC: 4 MWC: 2
B12: 7 P12: 2
BEast: 4 SEC: 7
A10: 2 WCC: 2
Last Four Byes: Baylor, VCU, Syracuse, TCU
Last Four In: St. Johns, Ohio St, Temple, NC State
First Four Out: Clemson, Arizona St, Texas, Belmont
Next Four Out: UNCG, Xavier, Indiana, Creighton


YACS Bracketology – 3/12

Updated: 3/12/19 11:00 AM
Hartford, CT (Thurs & Sat) San Jose, CA (Fri & Sun) Columbia, SC (Fri & Sun) Columbus, OH (Fri & Sun)
1 Virginia 1 Gonzaga 1 Duke 1 Kentucky
16 Prairie View A&M/St. Francis 16 Gardner Webb 16 Norfolk St/Iona 16 Bradley
8 Washington 8 Oklahoma 8 Ole Miss 8 Louisville
9 Iowa St 9 Seton Hall 9 VCU 9 Baylor
San Jose, CA (Fri & Sun) Des Moines, IA (Thurs & Sat) Salt Lake City, UT (Thurs & Sat) Hartford, CT (Thurs & Sat)
5 Villanova 5 Florida St 5 Kansas St 5 Marquette
12 Florida/Texas 12 Liberty 12 Temple/Creighton 12 Murray St
4 Nevada 4 Kansas 4 Wisconsin 4 Virginia Tech
13 New Mexico St 13 Hofstra 13 UC Irvine 13 Vermont
Tulsa, OK (Fri & Sun) Salt Lake City, UT (Thurs & Sat) Jacksonville, FL (Thurs & Sat) Des Moines, IA (Thurs & Sat)
6 Mississippi St 6 Cincinnati 6 Maryland 6 Buffalo
11 Ohio St 11 Syracuse 11 St. Johns 11 Clemson
3 Texas Tech 3 Purdue 3 Houston 3 Michigan
14 Yale 14 Old Dominion 14 Georgia St 14 Wright St
Columbus, OH (Fri & Sun) Tulsa, OK (Fri & Sun) Jacksonville, FL (Thurs & Sat) Columbia, SC (Fri & Sun)
7 Auburn 7 Iowa 7 Wofford 7 UCF
10 NC State 10 Utah St 10 TCU 10 Minnesota
2 Michigan St. 2 LSU 2 Tennessee 2 North Carolina
15 Montana 15 Sam Houston St. 15 Colgate 15 Omaha
Last Four Byes: Ohio St, St. Johns, Clemson, Syracuse
Last Four In: Florida, Temple, Creighton, Texas
First Four Out: Arizona St, Belmont, Indiana, UNCG
Next Four Out: Alabama, St. Mary’s, Georgetown, Xavier
Breakdown by Conference
ACC: 9 B10: 8
AAC: 4 MWC: 2
B12: 8 P12: 1
BEast: 5 SEC: 7

Who should the Bengals target on Day 2?

32 picks, 6 trades, and lots of surprises summed up Round 1 as it came to an end around 11:30 last night. It started off with an AFC North foe taking a former Heisman winner and it ended with an AFC North foe taking a former Heisman winner. Baker Mayfield is the future in Cleveland, while Lamar Jackson will eventually take over in Baltimore. As for our beloved Bengals, they surprised many by taking Billy Price from Ohio St. The position was obviously the biggest need and no surprise that they went that way. However, Price was looked at by many as the 3rd best player at the position. I am convinced that the Bengals had him as their top center, and even with Ragnow getting picked one spot ahead, it didn’t change their pick. I was upset in the moment. I am afraid of having another first round pick who was hurt. However, with him on track to be full go by training camp, I began to look at the situation as if he never got injured. Price was voted as the top center in college football, and is probably the most ready. He started a OSU record 55 games for the Buckeyes and anchored their offensive line. He will start from day one and hopefully we have found our best center since Rich Braham. As for tonight, I believe the Bengals can truly go best player available with all three picks, especially with who will be available at 46. Here are the guys I believe they will target.

ITQC 7 Round Mock Draft

Obviously the best stretch of the NFL offseason is here. We have already seen plenty of drama surrounding the draft and we are still a few hours away. Last year, I sent out a 5-Round mock and per usual to any mock draft, it wasn’t close. Maybe this year will be a little better, but probably not. Here is the entire list, as well as each team’s pickups.

Round 1

Pick 1. Cleveland Browns select…

Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

It sounds as if it is down to three players for the top pick. Allen, Sam Darnold, and Baker browns helmetMayfield. And it ends up capping off the story of the greatest rise to prominence in sports history. Two time walk-on to three time Heisman finalist to Heisman winner to 1st pick. Big game Baker seems to have benefited from racially insensitive tweets sent out by Josh Allen in HS, as well as the Browns desire to be different. This better work for John Dorsey.

Pick 2. New York Giants select…

Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State

The Giants could easily take the successor to Eli Manning with the wealth of talent at the giantsposition. However, it is my belief that they want to take one more shot with him. And to do that, they need to get players who can play at a high level right away. There is no doubt Barkley is one of those guys. He might be the best player in the draft,  and he instantly makes them a significantly better rushing team.

Pick 3. New York Jets (via Indianapolis) select… 

Sam Darnold, QB, USC

The dream scenario for the Jets. I do think they will be okay with taking Baker Mayfield jetsif Darnold goes 1 or 2, but their guy is here. Not only do I believe Darnold will be the best pro of the bunch, he is the best suited for the Big Apple. He is not one to let the pressure get to him. He’s cool, calm, and collected, something necessary for succeeding for the Jets. He is the best talent they’ve had since Joe Namath at quarterback.

Pick 4. Cleveland Browns select…

Bradley Chubb, Edge, NC State

There will definitely be teams calling John Dorsey as they get to set to pick here at four.browns helmet While they could pick of future draft capital, it is time to take players, especially when there are ones as talented as Chubb. He instantly becomes the starter opposite of Myles Garrett and gives the Browns potentially one of the most dangerous duos in the league.

Pick 5. Denver Broncos select… TRADE!!!

The Bills receive the 5th overall, 71st overall (3-7), and a 2019 4th round pick
The Broncos receive the 12th overall and 22nd overall.

Buffalo selects…

Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

I don’t question Rosen’s talent. I don’t think anyone does. He is extremely special. He Buffalo_Bills_logo.svgmakes throws no one else in this class can make. And he can come in from day one and start. But I do have some other questions about him, which makes me think he could be one to drop tonight. His has a history of concussions, and never won anything while at UCLA. With the right pieces, he has a chance to be VERY special.


Pick 6. Indianapolis Colts (via New York Jets) select…

Quentin Nelson, OG, Notre Dame

At six overall, the Colts get the top player on my board. He is elite and will be right away. While guard is often not valued like tackle, he is a guy that can make everyone else on the line better. And if the Colts need help anywhere, it is in the trenches. They have to keep their QB upright, whether it’s Andrew Luck or Jacoby Brissett. Nelson will help do this.

Pick 7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers select…

Derwin James, S, Florida St.buccs

This is the worst kept secret in football right now is Tampa Bay’s love for James. They need help in the secondary in the worst way and James is the surest thing at that position. While Denzel Ward or Minkah Fitzpatrick are options here as well, James is the only pure safety good enough to get picked Thursday night.

Pick 8. Chicago Bears select… TRADE

The Cardinals receive the 8th overall and 145th overall (5-8).
The Bears receive the 15th overall, 79th overall (3-15) and a 2019 3rd rounder. 

Arizona Cardinals select…

Josh Allen, QB, WyomingArizona_Cardinals_logo.svg

What a nightmare for Josh Allen. Some racially insensitive tweets got pulled back up from when Allen was in HS late last night and it may cause him to drop (as it should cause questions!). I don’t know how much it will, but in this scenario, the Cardinals trade up to 8 to grab him. They need a QB and they may wait at 15 for possibly Allen, or Lamar Jackson if they feel like they don’t have to move up.

Pick 9. San Francisco 49ers select…

Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia49ers_Logo.svg

In a perfect world, the 49ers could look elsewhere with this pick after having to use a first round pick on a LB last year. However, after looking like a budding-star on the field, Reuben Foster finds himself with much bigger problems than football. This gives the Niners a hole to fill as the leader of their defense. No one is better suited for it than Smith. He is an elite sideline to sideline playmaker.

Pick 10. Oakland Raiders select…

Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia TechRaider-logo-4

Not only do the two franchises on the Bay pick back to back, they both go with All-pro potential linebackers. The Raiders need a ton of help on that side of the ball and Edmunds can give it to them. He has the highest ceiling of any defensive player outside of Bradley Chubb with his elite athleticism. While Roquan Smith may be the most ready to play right now, Edmunds is the better prospect.

Pick 11. Miami Dolphins select…

Vita Vea, DL, Washington

The Dolphins quite a few needs after a wild offseason to this point. They traded away/cutdolphins Jarvis Landry and Ndamukong Suh, as well as having to figure out what they want to do with the quarterback position. I imagine they will be one of the teams looking to move  up for a falling QB, but I don’t believe they’ll be successful. They need to replace the star power they lost and they do so with Vea. He’s an athletic freak for his size and can change the game, specifically on early downs. If he can improve in pass rush, he has some superstar potential.

Pick 12. Denver Broncos (via Buffalo) select…

Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama

If Denver truly felt like they wanted a quarterback, they wouldn’t trade back. They needDenver_Broncos_logo.svg to win now and the most versatile defender in the draft will help them do that. Fitzpatrick has more interceptions for TDs than any Bama player, ever, and he can play both safety and nickle corner. With Chris Harris manning down the slot, he can be the center fielder behind their elite CBs. He fits perfectly with this defense and could put up some scary numbers.

Pick 13. Washington Redskins select…

Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State

In a perfect world, Vea will be the pick. They were miserable against the run last season.redskins While they could reach some for Da’Ron Payne, they stay the course and take the best player available. That guy is Denzel Ward, the top pure cornerback in the class. He can come in and start opposite of Josh Norman right away and make them better. They could truly have two shut down corners.

Pick 14. Green Bay Packers select…

Marcus Davenport, Edge, UTSA

For what continues for what seems like since Aaron Rodgers was drafted, the Packers Green_Bay_Packers_logo.svgneed some serious help on the defensive side of the ball at all three levels. The more QBs taken ahead of them the better as they are just going to take the best defensive player available. In this case, it is Davenport. Tall, quick, fast, but raw is how Davenport can be described. He will have to go through a major learning curve after playing at UTSA, but early on, he can be used in nickel packages to pin his ears back and attack opposing quarterbacks.

Pick 15. Chicago Bears (via Arizona) select…

Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame364

Young quarterbacks need some protection and the Bears would be smart to do that with their first pick if they trade back tonight. While McGlinchey would be a reach at 8, they can pick up some draft capital and help out Mitchell Trubisky in the process. McGlinchey may always be stuck on the right side, but he can start right away and stay there for a decade.

Pick 16. Baltimore Ravens select…

Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

This is the pick that changes a franchise. Joe Flacco played an unbelievable four gameBaltimore_Ravens_logo.svg stretch in 2013. This won the Ravens a Superbowl. It also made him the highest paid QB in the league for quite some time. But, since that win, the Ravens are just 40-40, and Flacco hasn’t played close to being worth his contract. They need some excitement. And John Harbaugh may need a job saver. Lamar Jackson has the potential to do all of that. His ceiling is non-existent, and he is my favorite player in the draft. Ozzie Newsome and Co. will have to transform the entire offense scheme to fit him, but he may be the next big thing that we’ve never seen before.

YACS Bracketology – 2/27

Updated 2/27
Charlotte (Fri/Sun) Wichita (Thu/Sat) Pittsburgh (Thu/Sat) Detroit (Fri/Sun)
1 Virginia 1 Kansas 1 Villanova 1 Xavier
Savannah St/Southern
UC Irvine/Nicholls St.
16 UNC Asheville 16 Wagner
8 Alabama 8 Arizona St 8 Texas A&M 8 Oklahoma
9 Providence 9 Arkansas 9 Virginia Tech 9 NC State
Boise (Thu/Sat) San Diego (Fri/Sun) San Diego (Fri/Sun) Dallas (Thu/Sat)
5 West Virginia 5 Kentucky 5 Ohio St 5 Rhode Island
12 Buffalo 12 NMSU 12
12 UL-Lafayette
4 Arizona 4 Texas Tech 4 Gonzaga 4 Wichita St
13 Loyala-Chicago 13 Murray St 13 ETSU 13 Vermont
Pittsburgh (Thu/Sat) Boise (Thu/Sat) Dallas (Thu/Sat) Wichita (Thu/Sat)
6 Seton Hall 6 Creighton 6 Florida 6 Michigan
11 Kansas St 11 Middle Tennessee 11 St. Bonaventure 11 Syracuse/USC
3 Auburn 3 Cincinnati 3 Clemson 3 Tennessee
14 Rider 14
Northern Kentucky
14 Charleston 14 So. Dakota St.
Nashville (Fri/Sun) Detroit (Fri/Sun)
Charlotte (Fri/Sun)
Nashville (Fri/Sun)
7 Nevada 7 TCU 7 St. Mary’s 7 Houston
10 Florida St 10 Miami 10 Missouri 10 Butler
2 Purdue 2 Michigan St 2 North Carolina 2 Duke
15 Bucknell 15 Montana 15 FGCU 15 Penn
Last Four Byes: Florida St. Butler, Kansas St, St. Bona
Last Four In: Syracuse, USC, Texas, Washington
First Four Out: Louisville, Utah, Baylor, UCLA
Next Four Out: Marquette, Notre Dame, Boise St, LSU

Big games for NCAA Tournament purposes tonight…
Tennessee @ Mississippi St. – 7:00 SECN
Florida @ Alabama – 7:00 ESPN
Missouri @ Vanderbilt – 7:00 ESPN2
Auburn @ Arkansas – 9:00 SECN
Oklahoma @ Baylor – 9:00 ESPN2
Davidson @ St. Bonaventure – 9:00 CBSSN